The primary school “Brána jazyků” (translation: “The Language gate”) is situated in the centre of Prague at Mikulanská street. It has two grades. The first grade is placed in a listed building in Vojtěšská street, the second grade in Mikulanská street. The school has the longest tradition of teaching foreign languages in Prague. All students study two foreign languages and have a choice from these languages: French, German and English. Pupils start to study the first chosen language in the thirds class and the second language in the sixth class. The language tuition consists of five lessons per week on the first grade and of eight lessons on the second grade.

Pupils can improve their knowledge of foreign languages owing to the students exchange with foreign schools. Second grade students of French language can go for students exchange to two destinations in France. Firstly, they go to Saint Germain-en-Laye for ten days in autumn. Regarding to Saint Germain–en-Laye, it is placed at Paris periphery. Then, children have the opportunity to visit Manosque (Provance) in spring. Pupils are accommodated in French hosting families. They pay this back by providing accommodation for their French friends during their stay in Prague. Pupils studying English go to England every year too, but they visit different places and parts of England. They live in hosting families as well.

The standard of language tuition as well as tuition of other subjects is very high at Mikulanská School. Moreover, pupils regularly participate in “Language Olympics Games” and other competitions and they often win these competitions. In addition to this, it is almost tradition that pupils win the first place in “Nationwide French conversation competition”.

Brána jazyků” offers after-school activities too. Children can devote their free time to sports, learning foreign languages or reading literature. Pupils publish two school magazines – “Vojtíšek”(translation: “Little Vojta”) and “Listy lípy” (translation: “Lime Tree”).”Vojtíšek” is published by the first grade students and “Listy lípy” by the second grade students.

A different sculpture of an important Czech artist is placed in a Mikulanská school hall every year. The main aim is to teach children to understand modern art as well as to live with it. There were sculptures of these artists in previous years: O.Zoubek, K.Gebauer, V.Preclík, V.Kokeš and many others. In addition, a catalogue about this activity was published. We celebrated the 10th anniversary of exposition by displaying a statue called “Svačina”(translation: “Snack”) in the school hall this year. The statue was made and lent by M.Péč.

The school organizes many events like a Christmas market, May ball and “Večer pod lipou” (translation:” The evening under lime tree”), which is an outdoor performance. Each class has a chance to introduce themselves in the performance. People can donate some money during all school events. The donated money is used for educational support of an Indian girl as well as for sponsorship of the animal called “Nasua Nasua” in Prague zoo.

To sum up, the school offers not only creative, stimulating and supportive atmosphere, but also professional and high-educated teachers. These are ideal conditions for education of your children who will feel at school like at home. It will be our pleasure to welcome your children in our school.




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